Outta Pocket: Teacher Corners Student, Pulls Off Face Mask Then Yells & Breathes All Over Her Face In Class!

A Texas middle school teacher has been removed from the classroom after she was filmed removing her face mask and intentionally exhaling over a cornered student - before shouting 'I don't care' as the child tried to get away. The student is seen covering her face with her hand as the unmasked teacher breathes over her during an altercation at Mead Middle School in Houston.

The Aldine Independent School District requires face coverings for all students and staff. It's one of 19 independent Texas school districts that have sued Gov. Greg Abbott over his ban on school-wide mask mandates.

The scarlet-haired educator approaches the student and corners her against the wall, as seen on two separate videos.

'Shut up,' the teacher tells the masked girl. 'First of all, don't get it twisted.'

The student holds her hand up to her face as the unmasked teacher breaths on her.

'I don't care. I don't care,' the teacher says while breathing out frantically.

'Get out of my face,' the student replies, to which the teacher says, 'Make me.'

At one point, the student argues: 'That's why your breath smells,' prompting giggles from the class.

'You want me to leave your class or not?' the cornered student asks twice.

'No, actually [unintelligible] sit back down,' the teacher demands, slapping a desk. 'Sit back down.' Posted by JR

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