Racist Grandfather Went Inside Dunkin Donuts & Started Throwing N-Words At An Employee... Catches A Fatal Punch (27yr Old Facing Manslaughter Charges)

"A 27-year-old Dunkin Donuts employee in Tampa is charged with the death of a 77-year-old customer after he allegedly punched the man for using a racial slur, causing the victim to fall and hit his head. Tampa police said the customer was upset about the lack of service, and was asked by staff members to leave without being served.Instead, police said the victim parked his car and went inside the restaurant to argue with employee Corey Pujols. Investigators said the victim called Pujols a racial slur and repeated the phrase after Pujols challenged him to do so. That's when police said Pujols punched the victim in the jaw, knocking the man out and causing him to fall and hit his head on the floor." - Fox 13
Posted by Thrillz

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