Georgia Man Receives His Last $915 Paycheck In Oil Covered Pennies... Dumped On His Driveway With A FU Note By Employer!

"Andreas Flaten said he left his job at A OK Walker Autoworks in November 2020. He said he was supposed to get his final paycheck, but was having difficulty getting it. Flaten said he even contacted the Georgia Department of Labor to get help. In mid-March, Flaten said he finally received the $915 he was owed, but it was not in the form he was expecting. Flaten said he was leaving his home to go to the store when he noticed the pile of oil-covered pennies. He said on top of the pile was an envelope that said "f--- you" and contained his last paystub. "This is a childish thing to do," Flatten said." - KTVU
Posted by Thrillz

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